Xtreme Player

The World's Most Powerful Media Player

Xtreme Player is a media player & organization app that offers a complete solution for all of your entertainment needs. From your photos to videos to music, you can enjoy them all, in any file format, anytime you want!

What is the Xtreme Player App?

The Xtreme Player was designed with the idea that videos, photos, & music should be easy to play and available on all the devices across your home. What are you waiting for? Start playing, enhancing, and sharing all of your favorite media today!

All Major Formats Supported

Upgrade your home cinema experience with stunning 8K video resolution and support for all major formats including 4K & HD.

Manage Your Entire Media Library

With the Xtreme Player app you can customize, organize, and search your entire media library all-in-one place!

Watch Your Media Anytime & Anywhere

Access all of your entertainment on the go! The Xtreme Player app gives you access to your media anywhere & anytime!

Bring The Cinema Experience Home

Meet the last media player you’ll ever need! Xtreme Player is the perfect solution for any media format. From enhanced visual & audio playback to intuitive organizational tools, Xtreme Player has everything you need to take your entertainment to the next level. Plus, with support for HD Audio & Dolby True Audio, Xtreme Player can deliver a cinema-like experience wherever you take it!

Support for All Movie Formats

Xtreme Player supports all major formats including MP4, MKV, HEVC, AVC & XAVC-S. Giving you the absolute best Hi-definition video playback and support for virtually any media format.

Play Movies Without Conversion

Xtreme Player enables users to sync movie content to their devices in such a way that it becomes compatible and ready to play in nearly all formats. This completely eliminates any lengthy conversion processes.

Media Metadata Fetching

Media metadata including cover art, ratings, cast members, genre and description are automatically available within the Xtreme Player app. Finding your favorite movie, TV show, or song has never been easier!

Hardware Accelerated Media Player

The most powerful media player in the world just got even better! Playback is now powered by 7th Gen Hardware Accelerated Core processors to give you a more vibrant video and sharper sound than ever before.

Hear the Difference

Bring more realism to movies with Dolby Digital Surround, DTS and Hi-Res Audio support up to 7.1 channels. Plus, you can boost the volume up to 3 times the original sound. This feature is perfect for watching movies without headphones.

Video Subtitle Support

Subtitles are always nice to have as they greatly compliment the movie being watched. Even if you don’t have subtitles, you can download them within the app easily. Supports subtitles in SRT, TXT, SSA, SMI formats.

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3! In just three quick steps you’ll be enjoying your entertainment experience on a whole new level!


For new customers please register first. For current customers, log in to select the device you want to download & install.

Add Your Media

Xtreme Player scans and recognizes virtually any kind of video, music, or photo file format so you can add your media with the click of a button.

Play Anywhere

Install the Xtreme Player app on any of the supported devices to start enjoying your professionally organized media wherever you are!